Vendor Account Number

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Vendor account number(s) are typically used for utility invoices where a payment needs to be associated to an account rather than the payee name.

For BeanPay customers, the vendor account number that is entered for each individual invoice, will populate the corresponding field when creating a payment for those invoices in Payment Module. Please note that this data point is currently only supported by Check and Nvoicepay payment methods. If you are not currently taking advantage of our Payments module, please read here.


  • The vendor account number field is available on the invoice header and is editable.

  • The account number data is not exported from Beanworks into accounting systems.

  • Account number field is available on the invoice header and flows from the invoice module into the payments module.

  • The vendor account number, if entered, will only appear on a payment check if all invoices being paid (whether one or multiple) are for the same vendor account.

  • If there is no vendor account number for a given vendor, please leave this field blank. Currently we do not have the ability to disable this field.

  • Account number restriction is 30 characters. 

  • Account number is editable on the invoice header for all Accounting Systems we support. 

  • The account number value may be pre populated for accounting systems like Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online. To learn more, please continue reading.


  • Single vendor account number per payment. Available with both Checks and Nvoicepay.

  • Multiple vendor account number per payment. Available with Nvoicepay only.

Please note a payment can consist of a single or multiple invoices.


STEP 1: Open invoice details 

You can open the invoice details either by double clicking on the invoice line or clicking on the pencil icon. Edit the vendor account number in the invoice header section.

Note: If there is no account number value and the vendor is enabled for Check, then "Powered by Beanworks" (or "Powered by Sage APA for sage customers) will be printed on the Check, when paying this invoice. 

STEP 2: Create a payment with single or multiple account numbers

Once the invoice is approved and exported it is available on the Payment's Create tab. You can select invoices with the same account number and create a payment.

Please note, if no account number was entered at the invoice header level, no account number will be available in the payments module.

STEP 3: Open the details of the payment. 

The payment's details view includes the vendor's account number when available. 

When a Check or Nvoicepay payment is released the account number appears on the advice send to the vendor. However, for Nvoicepay, if you enter the payment description, the payment description is what will appear on the check memo.

Quickbooks Desktops and QuickBooks Online Specifics 

For QBO and QBD, we sync the account number data as part of vendor list import. Please see below for details: 

  1. Make sure the Account Number field in ERP Mapping is in the Vendor list. This is available under Settings > List Management > Vendor List. 

Quickbooks Desktop is mapped to AccountNumber by default.

Quickbooks Online is mapped to AcctNum by default. 

2. If the account number is set for the vendor in the ERP, it should be visible on the vendor card.
Note: If the account number characters are more than what can appear on the Check, then the account number gets truncated on the actual Check. The character restriction is around 30 characters.  

3. If there is no account number associated with the vendor, the field remains empty. 

4. Account number can be added on the invoice header. The account number field is limited to 30 characters.  

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