Payments Module - Statuses

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There are multiple statuses in the payments module to identify the different stages a payment can be in.

Payment workflow tabs (except Create) has a set of payment statuses enabled by default. The default statuses are usually for payments that require an action to be taken.


InProgress tab has most of the payments module statuses available.

Default statuses are:

  • InProgress [IP]

  • Rejected [R]

  • Reset [RE]

  • Error [E]

Additional statuses available are:

  • Pending Approval [PA]

  • Approved [A]

  • Released [RL]

  • Pending Release [PR]

  • Paid [PD]

[IP] - In-Progress
A new payment that has not been submitted for approval yet will be in IP status. The payment is editable in this status.

[R] - Rejected
If a payment has been rejected after being submitted for approval, it will appear in R status in the In-progress tab. Please view the approval comments to see why the payment was rejected. The payment is editable in this status.

[RE] - Reset
A payment that was in a non-editable status and has been reset will appear in the In-progress tab. The payment is editable in this status.

[E] - Error
If a payment error's during it's released, it will appear in E status in the Releases tab. Please view the error dialog box to see why the payment error'd. A payment in E status means no money has left your account. The payment is not editable in this status.


Default status:

  • Pending Approval [PA]

[PA] - Pending Approval
Once a payment has been submitted for approval, it will be in PA status in the approvers approvals tab. 


Default statuses are:

  • Approved [A]

  • Error [E]

[A] - Approved
After payment has been fully approved, it will sit in A status in the Releases tab ready to be released or auto-released.


Default statuses are:

  • Released [RL]

  • Paid [PD]

  • Pending Release [PR]

  • Sync Error [SE]

[RL] - Released
Once a payment is successfully released, it will change to RL status. It will sit in RL status until the payment is completed. 

[PR] - Pending Release

This is an interim status between the released and paid statuses.

[PD] - Paid
A completed payment will be in PD status ready to be exported back to your ERP or Archived. The payment is not editable in this status.

[SE] - Sync Error
If there are any issues exporting your payment to the ERP, it will be in SE status in the Paid tab. Please check the comments section of the payment to see why it error'd. The payment is not editable in this status.


Default statuses are:

  • Exported [EX]

  • Completed [CD]

Additional status:

  • Void [VD]

[EX] - Exported
Successfully exported payments will move to the Archived tab in EX status. The payment is not editable in this status.

[CD] - Completed
Any payments that have been paid from your ERP (Imported Payments) will appear in CD status. If you use our ERP-driven payments workflow, you'll archive a payment instead of exporting it . The archived payment will be in the CD status.

[VD] - Void
If a payment did not make it to your vendor, and you've contacted Beanworks support to void the payment, it will be in VD status in the Archived tab. 


Additionally you have the option to search for payments across all statuses by using the search tab.

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