Approval Channel Delegation Error - User does not have sufficient OrgUnit access.

Modified on Fri, 06 Oct 2023 at 12:39 PM

Quadient AP's Approval Channel delegation allows you to set temporary or permanent delegates for invoices and purchase orders. You can learn more about this here

Error Message - User does not have sufficient OrgUnit access.

System Administrators, Invoice/Purchase Order Administrators, and Invoice/Purchase Order Approvers can assign approval delegations.  Occasionally when assigning approval delegations, you may receive the error User does not have sufficient OrgUnit access. The delegate must have the same Org Unit access as the current approver. This includes either explicit access to an Org Unit or inherited access through a Legal Entity. 

How to resolve this error

System Administrators can review a user's access under Settings - User Management. In the below example, the user Test User Admin has the Root Org Unit as their Home Org Unit, giving them access to all Org Units. Testing User 3 only has access to specific Org Units, meaning they do not have the same access as Test User Admin. 

Once the delegate and current approver's accesses match, the delegate will be successful.

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