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  • Receipt management is not a separate offering or module, but is part of the expense reimbursement offering.

  • You need to either be an expense creator or an expense admin to be able to code your receipts and add them to the expense reports.

  • We also support negative receipt amount, incase there is a credit an employee needs to record for.

  • You can create a receipt without an image.

  • You can add taxes to the receipt.


STEP 1: Capture receipt data and upload receipts images

1.a. When you upload a new receipt you have the option to either add the receipt to an existing report or create a new report. By default a new report gets created if there is no existing report.

Below is a new report that the receipt was added to.

1.b. You have an option to add additional line item to the receipt. This can be used to capture a tip amount or if a receipt needs to be split into multiple line items.

Below is an example where additional amount for tip has been added to a new line item.

1.c. When you capture a receipt, data like merchant, purchase date and category are mandatory. If these fields are left blank, the system will tag the receipt as incomplete. Receipt with a negative amount is supported.

1.d. When all the required fields are filled, the system marks the receipts as complete.

STEP 2: View all the receipts

All the receipts in a particular status are displayed in a single view.

Below is an example of all the receipts in the completed status.

STEP 3: View multiple line items associated with a receipt

The number indicates the number of line items in a receipt.

When you click on the icon, you can see the details of the line items associated with the receipt.


  • InProgress : This means that the receipts are incomplete and is missing mandatory information like category, purchase from or purchase date.

  • Complete : This means that the receipt(s) has all the mandatory fields entered.

  • Submitted : This means that the receipts as part of a given report has been submitted for review and approval.

  • Reimbursed : This means that the receipt as part of a given report has been reimbursed.

  • All : This is a list of all the receipts irrespective of the status.