This feature should be enabled for you to use, however if you don't see this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager, who will be happy to enable it for you. 


  • You need to either be a system admin or an approver to be able to assign a delegate for an existing approver or yourself.


  • The delegation can either be temporary (for approvers going on vacation or are on sick leave) or permanent (for approvers leaving the company). In temporary delegation a group approval channel is created between the approver leaving temporarily and the new approver. 

  • Only a system admin can assign a permanent delegation. 

  • Approver delegation does not affect the working of the stop channels. 

  • Chain delegation (Approver A delegating to B and B delegating to C) is not supported. 

  • The approver being delegated needs to have the same permissions, visibility and can not be an inactive user. 

  • The ability to delegate is only available for the invoice and purchase order module. The user has the option to select different delegates for each module or role. 

  • Delegating a user permanently does not deactivate the user from the system. If you wish to deactivate a user, please do so separately.

  • The delegation feature by default is enabled for both system admin and approvers. If you want to only allow system admins to be able to delegate, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Instant email notifications are sent to system admins (both in home OU and root) and users (the user being replaced and the delegate) in the OU, when a new delegate is assigned either temporarily or permanently.
Currently, the email notifications are sent by default, there is no option to disable these notifications. 


Setting approver delegation 

a) As a system admin.
Go to the user management view and click on the palm icon. 

b) As an approver and not a system admin.
Go to 'my profile' and click on 'Configure' against the Approval Coverage. As an approver you can only delegate temporarily and configure coverage for yourself only. 

You have the option to setup either a permanent or temporary delegation -

OPTION 1 : Setting permanent delegation. 

1.a) Enable the permanent delegation toggle.
Please Note: The default view is the temporary vacation coverage. 

Once, you have enabled the permanent delegation toggle, the view will change to permanent replacement. 

1.b) Select a last day
1.c) Select the module you are delegating for
1.d) Select the role
1.e) Select a delegate from the list of users (deactivated users do not show on the list)
Note: If the selected delegate does not have permission, an email is sent to the system admin 

Note: If the selected delegate does not have permission, an email is sent to the system admin

Once the permanent delegation has been saved, an email is sent to all the system admins. Please note, if the employee being replaced is a system admin then they will also receive an email for the permanent delegation. Sample email can be seen below-

For permanent delegation, the approval channel gets updated with the new approver.

OPTION 2 : Setting temporary delegation.

2.a) Select start date (Please note, we have made changes to now include the start date.)
2.b) Select end date

2.c) Select the module you are delegating for

2.d) Select the role
2.e) Select the delegate from the list of users (deactivated users do not show on the list)

You also have the option to select a different approver for the other module.  

For temporary delegation, you can see an asterisk next to the approver who is temporarily replacing the approver. Please note, the approval channel does not get updated.

When a delegate approves on behalf of the individual who is temporarily being replaced, the system leaves a default comment on the invoice / purchase order.


  • It is recommended that a user who has been set up as a delegate, may not be deactivated. System will throw an error if you try to do so. 

  • It is recommended that a user's role who has been set up as a delegate, may not be changed so that they are unable to approve. System will throw an error if you try to do so. 



1) Can we enable this feature only for System Admins and not approvers?

- Currently, the feature is enabled by default for both system admins and approvers. If you need this enabled for only the system admins, please reach out to your customer success manager.

2) Does the replacement approver have to also have Invoice Approver permissions?

- Yes, the replacement approver needs to have the same permission as the approver they are replacing.

3) Do both approvers see the invoices in their channel? Both the person on vacation and the delegate approver?

- Yes, both the approvers will see the invoice in their approval queue.

4) Does the delegate person have to be in the same org unit or anyone in the same company would work?

- The delegate person should have the same visibility permission.

5) If the new delegate does not have the same permissions, will you receive an error message if you try to delegate to them or will they simply not be an option to delegate to.

- If the user does not have the same permissions, then you will not be able to select them for delegation.

6) Is there report of the current delegations?

- Currently you can not generate reports for delegations.

7) Can you be a delegate for multiple people at one time?

- Yes, you can be a delegate for multiple people at the same time.

8) Is this is an all or nothing delegation? 

- Yes, you can't delegate only a limited invoices to a different approver.

9) If a delegate also has their own invoices to approve, will they be able to tell the difference between their invoices and their delegated invoices?

- Yes, they will be able to differentiate by looking at the approval history.

10) I am both system admin and invoice approval. Does this affect my ability to delegate?

- No, being both a system admin and invoice approver does not impact your ability to delegate.

11) Will this be enabled for Payment approvals as well?

- Currently delegation is only available for invoice and purchase order approvals.

12) Will the history correctly reflect the changes? i.e. a new approver will not show on historical invoices. 

- That is correct. The delegate approver does not show on the historical invoices.


1) For temporary replacements, can the end date be left blank?

- No, it is mandatory to select the start and end date.

2) Is there a list / report of current temporary delegations?

- Currently there is no list for all temporary delegations.

3) Can you edit / cancel existing temporary delegations?

- Yes, you can edit the existing delegation.

4) Is there a limit or maximum for how long a temporary delegation can last?

- There is no limit. Temporary delegation will last till the end date selected.