After your invoices are fully approved, the next step is to export the invoices from SageAPA and import them into Sage 100. 

Below are our recommended steps and best practices for this process to ensure all of your invoice data has transferred successfully.

  • From the export tab of the invoice module, setup filters to ensure invoices are batched together to be posted into the correct period. If you use Sage 100 purchase orders, also create filters for invoices matched to purchase orders. Invoices matched to POs and invoices in different posting periods should be exported together so they are in the same batches in Sage 100. 

  • Filter for the group of invoices you want to export, and click Actions --> Export --> Export Data & PDF. 

  • We recommend exporting invoices in batches of 25.

  • Make sure you save or print the PDF backup report of the exported invoices from SageAPA.

  • Based on your setup, you will either open up the sync tool and press "sync" or wait for your next scheduled sync to occur.

  • In Sage 100, go into Invoice Data Entry and open the unposted batch of invoices. If the invoices were matched to PO, the batch will be under Receipt of Data Entry. 

  • The PDF report from SageAPA has a total in the black bar at the top. That total should 100% match the batch total. 

  • If the total does not match, you need to use the PDF report from SageAPA to review each invoice within Sage 100 to find the reason for the discrepancy and correct as needed.