When an invoice is uploaded or emailed into Beanworks, behind the scenes there is a process running that is converting that document from PDF/JPG/TIFF into an online format so that users can add, edit and delete pages from within our Software. 

We have just updated this area of our software infrastructure so that we are using the newest technology to complete this process.

It is important that we stay ahead of the technology that vendors are using to generate invoices as each program that generates invoices creates these documents with slightly different file specifications and we must be able to handle every variation of the file formats we support.

This is an update that does not result in any visible change for our users, but is important to ensure that we continue to successfully convert all variations of the file formats we support.

There are as many versions of pdf as there are softwares out there so we can never cover all cases. If you notice your pdf is not rendering properly in Beanworks the best way is to save it again as pdf. Chances are you will save it in a compatible version. If the problem persist please contact us through Get Help.