Our Engineers have completed an exciting upgrade to the infrastructure that supports the line item coding panel. This part of our software coders use every day is new and improved.

This update will allow us to more easily add additional features to this area of our software in the future, but during this infrastructure update, we did sneak in a few new features built specifically for the users who are creating and coding POs and/or invoices every day:

  • The line description and any list item (GL, Department, etc) can be copied down to subsequent rows by moving your mouse to the bottom right corner of the cell that has what you want to copy. Then, hold down your left mouse button on the white box that appears, and drag down. This works just like Excel! We know accounting teams are passionate about Excel and in future releases we will continue to add more functionality to the line item coding panel to make it increasingly more Excel like! 

  • Arrow keys can now be used within the description field to navigate to the end of long descriptions that may need to be edited which was not possible before. Make sure you have double clicked into the description you want to edit before using the arrows.

  • You can copy and paste descriptions from one row to another.

  • Org Units, descriptions, taxes, and totals can be copied from excel into the line items table. This means you can copy everything except list items (GLs, departments, etc) from Excel making it that much quicker to code invoices with multiple line items.

  • Finally, you can copy information from the line items table using Ctrl+C and paste it into another spreadsheet software like Google Sheets or Excel.

Helpful Hints: 

  • Use the tab key to go from one cell to the next and use shift tab to go back to the previous cell.

  • The fastest way to add a new row to your PO or invoice is to press the tab key twice on your keyboard when you are at the end of the row you just completed.