Jonas club restricts the invoice number to only be between 6 - 10 characters (including symbol and spaces). To avoid sync errors and mismatched information we highly recommend that you save / replicate these restrictions in Beanworks.


  • If invoice number is less than 6 characters, then on invoice export into Jonas leading 0's will be added.

  • If invoice number is greater than 10 characters, then on invoice export it will sync error.

  • You need to be a system admin in Beanworks to update the coding fields. To learn more about how to customize coding fields in general, read here.


Go to Settings --> Invoices --> Select the Legal Entity --> Coding Fields.

Mark invoice number as required and add min and max length. Please don't forget to click on 'Save'.

When coding an invoice, if invoice number entered is outside the parameters set in the coding fields, then on submission for approval the system will throw an error.