If you're utilizing the SageAPA payments module and you find that your invoices are automatically being marked as Paid and a SageAPA payment is created in SageAPA. Then it's likely a set up step was missed during the vendor on-boarding setup.

In Sage 50 CA if you go to the Vendor -> Options tab -> you'll find that the Default Invoice Payment Method is set to Direct Debit. Since we're using DD to communicate which payments are being made through SageAPA. This means any invoices imported with this default set is automatically being marked as paid and a payment is being sent back to SageAPA.

To prevent this from happening update the Default Payment Method for Invoices to either Pay Later or Check and Save.

This means you'll have the option of selecting which invoices should be paid through SageAPA and which will be paid by other means.

If you need to clear up any payments incorrect imported into SageAPA please contact support@sageapa.com to VOID the payments. Just ensure to indicate which payments you need us to void for you.