To access your payment details from the In-Progress tab, you can double-click on the payment itself or the 'View Details' button on the far right of the payment.

Once you have accessed the details view, there are three things that the payment details contain:

Payment Image Pane

The payment image pane is the section of the details view that displays your invoice(s) image that will be paid.

Payment Details Panel

The details panel contains information about the entire payment. You can also add in your comments in this panel. 

The panel also contains information such as the payment owner, the bank name, an option for auto-release, and payment due date.

Bank Name - note there may be multiple bank accounts

Auto-Release and Payment Due Date

Payment Line Items Table

The line items table contains information about each invoice included in the payment. Within this table, there is a column for you to add a memo for your payment. This memo would be included in your remittance emails sent by Beanworks to Vendors for EFT, ACH, and Virtual Credit Card payments.  

Payment Line Items Table