The number of invoices processed for a given period of time is calculated based on the received date which is automatically set for each invoice.

An invoice is “received” in Sage APA once it appears on the In Progress tab and has been saved at least once. The invoice may have been sent into Sage APA either via auto or manual capture.

Because an invoice can only have one received date, this is the most accurate way to capture the number of invoices processed in a given period. We do not bill you for deleted invoices.

If you want to compare the Sage APA invoice totals from the Sage invoice, follow the below steps.

  1. Close your Browser completely.

  2. Change your computer time zone temporarily to UTC -4. To do this in windows, search for "time" from the start menu/settings and open up the "Change your start time" settings. Set the Time Zone to UTC-04:00. You will notice that your computer time will change as well.

3. Open your Browser and log into Sage APA. Create a search tab and search for all invoices between the received date of the last day of the previous month to the day before the last day of the month of service (ex. Dec 31 - Jan 30 or Jan 31 - Feb 27). Ignore the dates on the actual Sage Invoices - you are always billed for the invoices between the periods, as highlighted above.

4. Please note that any invoice deleted after the billing period for that billing period, will not show up when you search, so this report will not match your Sage bill by that number.