In order to be able to update your lists (including Vendor, GL, Payments and Customers/Jobs), you will need to have the sync tool installed and configured. Once that is completed, you can follow the steps below to sync your lists.

Comprehensive One-Click data transfer

You can transfer all data, including vendor lists, chart of accounts, customer & classes, payments and AP transactions for multiple companies/QuickBooks data files (if applicable), or simply all transactions for single company (if you only have one QuickBooks company) by clicking the 'Sync All' button.

To perform a one click comprehensive transfer of data

  • Have your QuickBooks open to the log in screen where you select a company.

  • Left click on the Beanworks sync tool in your system tray, choose 'Sync All'.

  • A box will pop up – click the 'Sync' button.

  • Wait for all the data to sync. You will know it is finished when the sync tool switches to the 'Logs' tab automatically.

Performing this action may take a few minutes depending on how much data is being transferred to QuickBooks.

* We do not recommend performing this action unless each list has already been synced individually first, this includes payments*. For more information & assistance with your first ‘sync all’ transaction, please contact our support desk.

To update one list at a time

  • Have your QuickBooks open to the log-in screen (as per above) or log into the company in QuickBooks you want to sync a list for. It is really important that you are either on the log-in page, or logged in to the company you are syncing.

  • Left click on the Beanworks sync tool in your system tray, choose 'Profiles' (the option at the top of the menu).

  • Once your sync tool is open, if you have more than one QuickBooks data file synced with Beanworks, you will need to select the company you want to sync a list for using the 'Company Name' drop down at the top of the Sync tool.

  • Once you have selected the correct company, select the 'Lists' tab.

  • From the 'List' drop down menu, choose the list you would like to sync / update.

  • Once you have selected the list you want to sync, press the 'Sync List' button on the lower left corner of the sync tool.

  • Once your sync is complete, the sync tool will switch to the 'Logs' tab automatically and display a message there.

  • If there were any errors, the sync tool will alert you as to what the error was in most cases. To view the transaction logs, click on the 'Logs' tab in the sync tool. You can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the log list to read each transaction message.