Apart from creating user one at a time, you can create a batch of users using the Batch Create feature.

You can create a batch of users by copying and pasting information from your Excel or Word table into the 'Batch Create User' feature in Beanworks.


  • You need to be system to create users in a batch.  


STEP 1: Go to Settings --> Select 'Batch Create Users' under General

STEP 2: Create an excel sheet with the user information

Please note, the columns on the excel sheet should be in the same order as required for the batch create users.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Username (email address)

  • Home Org Unit (case sensitive)

  • Roles (case sensitive)

The manual capture and auto capture email will automatically populate when the table from Word or Excel is pasted into the Batch Create User table.

If you would like to add multiple roles, please use commas to separate them (e.g. System Administrator, Invoice Coder).

STEP 3: Copy (ctrl+c) the table from Excel (or Word table) and Paste (ctrl+v) into the Batch Create User table

If you have a large number of rows, you may need to click the "Save Users" green button multiple times for all the rows to save (each click may only save a certain amount of rows at a time).

If you need assistance with this, please contact Beanworks Support at support@beanworks.com