In Beanworks, there are 'group actions' that allow you to make changes to multiple invoices at one time.

One of these group actions allows you to submit a group of invoices at one time for approval.

To group submit invoices for approval:

  • In the grid view select the invoices you would like to submit for approval by clicking one each invoice while holding the 'Ctrl' on your keyboard (or by using the checkboxes on each row to select them). All selected invoice rows will appear highlighted in blue.

  • Then choose 'Actions' and 'Submit For Approval'

  • Your invoices will then be submitted for approval and will move from IP to PA status.

  • If there are any issues with certain invoices and they are not able to submit for approval (ex. they are missing required fields), you will be alerted with a pop up message and those invoices will not submit for approval, but all other invoices without issues will still submit for approval.