Super Approvers have the ability to modify certain fields on an invoice. If Super Approvers are activated and set up, System Administrators can change the permissions that Super Approvers have regarding editing an invoice in the approval status.
An important thing to note about this feature is that if an approver is someone who can change information on an invoice, then they now can also choose to 'save' their changes without having to approve or reject the invoice. This will be used if they are changing multiple things, but are not sure of some of the parts they want to change. They then can save the changes they have made, and come back to finish the invoice at a later time.
To change the permissions of Super Approver users:

  • Select 'Settings'.

  • Go to 'Invoices'.

  • Select 'Coding Fields'.

  • Select the Legal Entity you wish to edit.

  • Select the field you would like to edit and change its properties by checking 'Allow Modification by Approver'. In doing so, Super Approvers will have the ability to edit the coding field on an invoice that is in 'Pending Approval' status.