You can approve and reject multiple PO's at once in the approvals tab (not the details view of the PO). Select the PO's you want to approve or reject using the check boxes, or by holding down Ctrl and clicking the rows that you want to approve or reject.
When you've selected all PO's you want to approve, go to ‘Actions’ and ‘Approve’ or 'Reject'.

When rejecting a group of PO's, a dialog box will appear and a comment must be made before they are rejected. This comment should inform the PO coder(s) why you are rejecting the PO's.
Please note, group approve and reject should ONLY be used in specific cases where you don't need to see the images. This is not how we recommend normal approval and rejection of PO's be done. We recommend going through each PO in the details view to make sure you don't miss anything.