This error can occur when you release an EFT payment from Beanworks to Versapay. 

Error Message Cause

With Versapay, the vendor can receive the payment two ways - via Direct Debit, or via Email. You can learn more about these options hereWhen using Email EFT, the vendor must create a Versapay account and enter their banking information. 

This error occurs when the vendor removes their banking information from Versapay. The payment in Beanworks successfully moves from Approved to Released status, but changes to Error status shortly after. Versapay cancels the payment, as it can not be issued. It is important to note that the 'Administrator' referenced in the error message is Versapay. 


The payment must be voided in Beanworks. Please reach out to our team at help@beanworks.com and request that the payment is voided. Additionally, ensure that the vendor adds their banking information to Versapay before processing the payment again.