We are very excited to share our Product news and updates for October 2022!

What's new at Beanworks?

Advanced Filters & Column Configuration

Advanced Filters & Column Configuration are features of the Beanworks NextGen UI. The revamped set of filtering options and list view configurations provides easy and flexible access to the information you need at a glance. These features are available in the Invoices and Purchase Order modules.  

Here’s What’s New

  • Updated List View: The list view table is now responsive, which means that it will load faster and look good on any screen resolution. You will also have the ability to select items across multiple pages to take action on them. Learn more.

  • Filter Enhancements: New filters include various options for date, org. unit, ERP lists, status, and transaction amount parameters. You also have the ability to save filters and create defaults for future use. Learn more.

  • Flexible Column Configurations: You now have the ability to pin, reorder, add/remove, sort, multi-sort, and resize your columns for easier viewing flexibility. Learn more.

  • Quick Actions: Various quick view actions are now available on the list table view such as images, receivings, comments, & more! Learn more.

SmartSync for API Integrations

We are delighted to announce that our Smart Sync feature is now available for our API Integrations. 

Here’s What’s New

  • Smart Sync: This feature allows Beanworks and your accounting system to sync whenever you need it (as opposed to a locked 2-hour interval). You also have the ability to create your own sync schedule, see sync status logs of all exports and imports, and manually run a sync whenever you need it. Learn more.

  • Auto Exports: For our QuickBooks Online & Netsuite clients, you can now automatically exports your approved invoices to your accounting system. Learn more.

Sync Error Notifications

We have expanded our notifications to now include Sync Errors. 

Here’s What’s New

  • Sync Error Notification: You now have the option to receive email notifications in the case of sync errors requiring your attention. Learn more.