The ability to 'Smart Code' invoice line items details for a specific vendor is available after at least one invoice for the same vendor has been approved.


Smart Code is based on the following two criteria -

  • Vendor

  • Owner


  • Avoid manually entering the invoice line item data by using Smart Code.



  • Smart code can be used for invoices in the editable statuses - New [N], InProgress [IP], Reset [R] and Reject [RE].


STEP 1: Open the details of an invoice

Double-click on the invoice line or click on the invoice details pencil icon.


STEP 2: Select the legal entity and vendor name on the invoice header

It is mandatory to select the legal entity and vendor. If you don't select the vendor the system will give an error message.



STEP 3: Click on 'Smart Code' button

When you click on the Smart Code button you will notice that the invoice line item coding is pre-populated from the last invoice coded and approved for this vendor. Please note smart coding takes into account the invoice you are the owner of.


Smart Coding pre-populates all the line coding fields except for amount fields like subtotal, taxes and total. The amount fields need to be entered manually.


Below is an example of an invoice where only the department was previously coded.