When would you use this function?  

Often times when invoices get forwarded into the Auto Capture from an email, the logos attached to email signatures are also sent into the document inbox.  Rather than manually removing these images each time, you can utilize this Ignore Image function. This way if the same image gets sent into the inbox again, it will automatically be filtered out. 


What happens if you don't use this function?

If you decide to leave the image in the document inbox, it will stay in "Capturing" status until our verification team manually skips the image. "This means the next time we receive the same image it will come into "Capturing" state again for a short period of time before getting automatically skipped.



Using the Ignore Image feature

Step 1: Click on the image you are looking to ignore



Step 2: Click on the overflow menu



Step 3: Select "Ignore this document:



Once this option is selected you will be prompted to confirm if the image should be permanently ignored. Upon clicking continue, the image will disappear from the inbox.



Important Notes:

If you ignore a collection of images, the ignoring function will only ignore the first image in the collection and it will delete the remaining images. If the first image is received again it will ignored on import where the other images in the collection, which were deleted, will not be ignored.