Types of Invoice Export




Once your invoice has gone through its approval process, there are several options that you can do to export your invoices. Please check out our guide on the different types of invoice exports


Batch Name and Post Month


Depending on your ERP, it may require you to set your batch name or post month before you export your invoices. Please note that batch name and post month are NOT compatible with Sage 100 or Sage 50 US.


Export History and Undo Export


Our system also keeps of a record of your invoices that have been exported. You can view them in your export history. Within this history, you also have the option to undo export to bring Exported (EX) invoices back to Approved (A) status.


Sync Error



You may noticed your invoice status changes to a red sync error (SE) status when exporting. Depending on the error, you can manually mark the invoice as exported or reset the invoice to address the error.