Before you can start processing Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payments or Expenses in Beanworks. You'll need to setup the integration between Beanworks and your Accounting Software this will enable you to start transferring data between the two software's.

Once you've created a new Legal Entity, in Settings go the ERP Management. Select the new Legal Entity from the list of Legal Entities:

Once selected in the ERP Properties area you can set the ERP which we'll be connecting too and Save:

When you save the ERP selection you'll need to complete the various setup steps required to completed the connection. Please see the Integration specific sections of our helpdesk for the specific setup steps


  • You cannot change the ERP selection once it's been saved. If you've made a mistake please contact our support team to correct.

  • Some Integrations like Sage 50US, Sage 50CA, Sage 500 and non-SmartSync integrations require a SFTP Username and Password which can be provided by our support team.