ERP Mapping feature allows you to map the vendor address in your accounting system to the vendor address template in Beanworks. This is mandatory especially if you are using check payments, because this is the address that the check will be mailed to.


  • You need to be a system admin to be able to set the Vendor Address (ERP) mapping


Go to settings --> General (selected by default) --> List Management --> Select the legal entity

STEP 2: Confirm or update the ERP Mapping

You will notice that there is some default mapping for the fields. Please make sure that you are either using those default fields for storing the vendor address or map them to the fields you are using for storing the address.



Sometime we find that only country is missing from the vendor address details. We highly recommend that you update the Vendor country in your accounting system and then sync the information. However, we do have the option for you to enter the country for your vendors directly in Beanworks and recommend using this only if all your vendors are in the same country. Please note, when you set the country in Beanworks, the country gets associated to all your vendors. Also, this does not update your accounting system.


  • Please note for Sage 100 we also support Remit to Address. To learn more, read here.