Approval Channels

The way your invoices are regulated in Beanworks is through approval channels. These channels are made up of other users in your team who are responsible for approving invoices according to specific rules. 

Approving and Rejecting

You can either approve or reject invoices depending on the rules you have setup with your team. When Rejecting an invoice, commenting is mandatory so that the invoice owner can make the necessary changes to resubmit the invoice for approval. Commenting the invoice is optional when Approving.

Super Approver Override

You can enable certain users to become a 'Super Approver'. With this role, they would be able to create changes for certain coding fields during the approval process. This becomes handy to avoid having to reset the invoice and go through the approval process again.

Modifying Approval Channel

Please navigate to your Settings if you would like to edit your current approval channels

After selecting the legal entity, you can start your edits by selecting the pencil icon on right of the channel.