Each user can set up forwarding emails so that their daily email notifications or system administrator notifications are forwarded to another email address. System administrators can also set up email forwarding for other users.
To set up email notification forwarding:

  • Go to 'Settings'.

  • Select the detail 'Edit' icon in My Profile.

  • Enter the email you would like notifications forwarded to in the 'Email Aliases' field. Select 'Save'.

To set up another users email forwarding (as a System Admin):

  • Go to 'Settings'

  • Select 'User Management' on the left panel

  • Select the 'Edit' icon for the user for whom you would like to set up email forwarding.

  • Enter the alternative email the user would like notifications to go to next to 'Email Aliases'. Select 'Save'.

Please note that if you set other users' emails in the aliases this will prevent you from getting your Beanworks notifications, as this field redirects the emails. It is possible, however, for you to use multiple email address in this field. You can enter your own email address and other users' email addresses, this means that both you and the other individual will receive the email notifications.