Post month feature in Beanworks is the ability to select the Posting date for a single/ batch of invoices when exporting the invoice data into the accounting system.


Post month is currently supported for the following accounting systems -

  • Quickbooks Desktop

  • NetSuite (You may need to enable a setting in NetSuite to allow for this feature to work properly. Read here.)

  • Rent Manager

  • Sage Intacct

  • Sage 300

  • Great Plains (coming soon!)


  • Post month feature needs to be enabled for your legal entity.

  • You need to be a system admin to enable post month feature.


STEP 1: Enable post month feature

Go to Settings --> Invoice --> Exporting Fields --> Select the Legal Entity --> Select the Post Month option

Click the enabled checkbox and save

STEP 2: Code invoice(s) and submit for approval.

This is a regular invoice approval process and requires no change in order to support post month feature.

STEP 3: Select the post month date

Post month date needs to be selected before the invoice(s) are exported from Beanworks into the accounting system.

On the invoice export tab, you will see the option to select the post month date. Select the invoice(s) you want to export, select the post month date and export the invoices.

Note: When exporting invoices, you may need to create custom filters to help you find the invoices you want to export with the same post month. Review this training video to learn how to setup the filters.

If there is no post month set, the Post Month will be defaulted to the invoice date for all supported accounting systems except NetSuite, Sage 300, and Great Plains whose Post Month will be defaulted to the exported date.