If you are using Beanworks purchase order module for creating requisitions and purchase order approvals, you have the ability to send the purchase order to the vendor.

You also have the ability to customize the information that appears on the purchase order image. To learn more, read here.


STEP 1: Select the purchase order

You can select the purchase order by double clicking the purchase order line or clicking on the pencil icon.

STEP 2: Open the details of the purchase order

STEP 3: Click on the PDF option

When you click on the PDF option, a pdf image will be downloaded.

If the purchase order has backup pages it will be included in the PDF.

If you have a pop-up blocker on your browser, a dialog box will appear where you can download the PDF.


You will notice that a PDF can be generated even when the purchase order has not been approved or is in an editable status. In this situation the purchase order image will have the 'Purchase Requisition - Pending Approval' status. We highly recommend not sending the purchase order to the vendor before it has been approved.

More details on purchase order customization can be read here.