Improved Quick Actions are available as part of our Advanced Filters & Column Configuration features.

View Transaction Image

You can now quickly view transaction images by selecting the image icon. 

View Linked Transaction

Click on the link icon to easily see any items associated with the invoice or PO. In the Invoice module, linked transactions include Payments, Purchase Orders, and Expenses. 

For the Purchase Order module, you can see any linked Invoices.

View & Add Comments

Click on the comment box icon to see any comments left on the transaction. You can now also leave comments on transactions from this window. 

View Approval Progress

Transactions in Pending Approval status and beyond have an associated Approval Progress. Click on the thumb icon to see the transaction’s full approval history.

Transactions in Pending Approval Status specifically will show the approval progress, and who is next to approve the transaction. 

View Duplicates

Beanworks flags any potential duplicate transactions with the same Vendor and Invoice number. You can click the red page icon to view any duplicates. 

View Sync Errors

Sync Error messages are signified with a warning icon, as opposed to a comment. Click on the red warning icon to view the full Sync Error message.