How to release a payment

Modified on Thu, 27 Jul 2023 at 10:16 AM

Fully approved payments are found in the Approvals tab of Quadient AP's Payments module. Payment Administrators and System Administrators are able to release payments from Quadient AP to our payment partners. 

How to release a payment in Quadient AP

 In the Release tab, highlight the payment you want to release. Payments can be released individually or in bulk. Click the Release Payments button in the top-right corner, then click Release to confirm your decision.

Successfully released payments move to the Paid tab in either Released or Paid status, depending on your payment provider. Learn more about Released and Paid status in this article here.

How to handle payments in Error status

Occasionally, payments may go into Error status when released. This means that the payment could not reach the payment provider successfully. There are a number of reasons a payment may go into Error status, some common causes are:

  • The fund source is not set up correctly
  • The connection to the Payment Provider timed out
  • Another user released the payment at the same time

When a payment enters Error status, reach out to our Support Team for assistance. Please note that payments in Error status can not be released until the error is resolved. 

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