If you wish to learn how P/O Invoice Variance Display and P/O Invoice Variance Approvals work in SageAPA please read the following guide: What is P/O Invoice Variance and how is it used in SageAPA?

P/O Invoice Variance Display Setup

No setup required for P/O Invoice Variance display. Provided that your Invoice is matched to a Imported P/O and has adopted lines from said P/O:

When Unit Cost, Quantity or Total values are adjusted we will display any variance between what was adopted and the adjusted values:

A user can hover over the adjusted field for more details on the variance:

P/O Invoice Approval Variance Setup 

1. Go to Settings --> Invoices --> Approval Channels --> Select the legal entity you wish to create the approval channel --> Create Channel

2. Enter the variance tolerance percentage for the Quantity and/or Unit Cost or Total and save the approval channel. 

3. Optional - Set Approval Channel as Stop Channel.
If you wish to create a workflow where P/O Invoices that break the tolerance you've set in the approval channels are redirected to that channel, you'll need to make this approval channel a Stop Channel.  
This essentially creates a workflow where your escalating P/O Invoices to a different approval channel then usual workflow. 

You'll also need to position the Approval Channel in a higher sequence order in the approval channels area. See the same Stop Channel guide for setup steps.  

This essentially creates a workflow where you're escalating P/O Invoices that break your tolerance to a different approval channel then it's usual workflow.

For example, below I've created 2 Approval Channels. One for "all P/O Invoices" and another for "P/O Invoices with more than a 10% Variance":

Since my Stop Channel is the "Over 10% Variance" channel, if an Invoice meets this criteria it will not go to the usual "P/O Invoice Approval" but go to the Approvers in the "Over 10% Variance" channel.

If you'd like the P/O Invoice to hit both this P/O Variance Channel and the normal Approval Channel then a stop channel is not required.