The number of invoices processed for a given period of time is calculated based on the received date which is automatically set for each invoice.

An invoice is “received” in Beanworks once it appears on the In Progress tab and has been saved at least once. The invoice may have been sent into Beanworks either via auto or manual capture.

Because an invoice can only have one received date, this is the most accurate way to capture the number of invoices processed in a given period. We do not bill you for deleted invoices.

In order to verify/validate the number of invoices on your invoice, please follow these steps:

1. Log into Beanworks

2. Go to the Search Tab (click the word search in the upper left corner)

3. Add the filter Received date

4. Put in a date range that matches the billing period on your invoice

5. Press Search

6. The number of invoices in your search results will be very close to the number on your invoice. 

There is a very slight variance due to time zone differences and invoices from that period that are deleted after we generate your invoice.