You may receive the following error when trying to export invoices, payments or when you click on "Synchronize with QuickBooks Online" in Beanworks.
This error occurs when there is an network outage on QuickBooks Online side or when the user session has terminated. The session is terminated by QBO as a security measure. Once the session is terminated, users are requested to re-establish the connection between Beanworks and QBO by entering the QBO admin username and password.

You need to severe the connection between QuickBooks Online and Beanworks and have to re-establish the connection. Please verify that you are using the correct QBO Administrator username and password to establish a connection between Beanworks and QBO

  1. Go to Settings.

2. Once the Settings Page opens, you will be on the “General” Settings by default. Click on ERP management from the menu on the left side. Choose your company and then click on "Disconnect from QuickBooks Online".

3. Sign out of Beanworks.

4. Click on the link below to read the guideline on establishing the connection between QBO and Beanworks again.