If you are using our payments module to pay your vendors and employees, we highly recommend assigning a member of your finance team the payment admin role, especially if you have just started using the payments module. If you are interested and have not yet enabled payments module, please email beanpay@beanworks.com or reach out to your customer success manager.

The benefits of assigning this role are as follows -

1) Receive an email every time new vendor information is added or existing information updated (including change to email address, payment methods on-boarded etc.)

Please note, a system admin does not receive emails when changes are made to vendor details.

Below is a sample email -

2) Receive a copy of the payment emails send to your vendors.

Apart from adding the payment admin role, please make sure you have enabled receiving the payment release notifications.

To give this role to someone or yourself, please see the following guide on how to add a User's role