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Beanworks connects to Sage Intacct through API integration. This guide covers the integration and connection requirements for a successful connection with Beanworks. 

Pre-connection checklist

  • Confirm you have a Beanworks account with the following permissions:

    • System Administrator role

    • Root Org Unit access as Home Org Unit

  • Confirm you can log into Sage Intacct as Administrator

  • Confirm you have ample time to complete the below steps in one sitting. Otherwise, the connection may time out

  • Confirm that all other users are logged out of Sage Intacct during this process

Sage Intacct integration requirements

Create Web Services User and Role

Ensure that Sage Intacct allows web user connection. Go to Company -> Subscriptions and verify that Web Services is toggled on. 

A Web Services User is a special type of user that logs in using the Intacct web API and issues commands using XML. Follow the steps below to create this user for Beanworks.

  • Navigate to the Web Services User screen (Company -> Web Services Users, and click the + icon there, or use the Add button in the list screen)

  • Enter ‘Beanworks’ in the User ID field

  • A valid email address with an accessible mailbox is required for this user 

  • Enter 'Business for User Type

  • Enter ‘Limited’ for Admin Privileges

  • Enter ‘Active’ for Status 

  • Click Save 

The Web Services User requires a dedicated role. A Role is a set of Permissions that dictate what the user can do. 

  • Navigate to Company -> Roles and click Add to create a new Role

  • Name the Role Beanworks API so it can be easily found when needed 

  • Click Save

The next screen shows the permissions which can be assigned to the Role. 

 Assign the following Permissions to the Beanworks role to allow it to access the necessary parts of Intacct.





Application Subscriptions

List, View







Transaction Allocations


Exchange Rate Types

Exchange Rate

Cash Management

Checking Accounts


Savings Accounts

General Ledger



Accounts Payable

Pay Bills



View, Add



AP Terms

Payment Requests

Tax Details

Accounts Receivable



Inventory Control








Standard Tasks

Cost Types

Standard Cost Types




Order Entry






User Defined Dimensions

User Defined Dimensions

View (All that apply)

Associate the new Role with the Web Services User so Beanworks and Sage Intacct can integrate successfully.

  • Navigate to Company -> Web Services Users

  • Find the Beanworks user created in Step 2, and click Edit

  • Click Role Information, and add the Beanworks Role

  • Click Save and confirm the change by re-entering the password

Grant Beanworks Web Services Authorization

Beanworks requires Web Services Authorization to connect with Intacct.

  • Navigate to Company -> Company Info and click Edit

  • Click Security and scroll to Web Services Authorization

  • Click on the + icon on the top right of the grid to open a new dialogue box

  • In the Sender ID field, enter BeanworksMPP 

  • The Description field can be left blank

  • Click Save in the dialogue box, and click save again in the main menu

Create a Custom Field for Beanworks URLs

This will provide a link on the Bill in Intacct that will open the corresponding Invoice in Beanworks.

  • Navigate to Platform Services -> Custom Fields and click Add button

  • Select AP Bill in the Object dropdown 

  • Select URL in the Data Type dropdown 

  • Enter ‘Beanworks’ into the Label field, ‘BEANWORKS’ into the Field ID field, and ‘Link to Beanworks Invoice’ in the Description field

  • Click Done to save the Custom Field

Connecting Beanworks to Sage Intacct

Enable connection between Beanworks and Sage Intacct

In Beanworks, navigate to Settings -> ERP Management. Follow the steps below depending on the integration type.

  • Top-level Integration 

    • Enter the Company ID part of the customer’s login in the Company field.

    • For Username, enter the username of the Beanworks Web Services User

    • For Password, enter the password of the Beanworks Web Services User

    • Leave the Entity field blank

  • Entity-level Integration: 

    • Enter the Company ID part of the customer’s login in the Company field

    • Enter the Entity ID in the Entity field. This id can be found in Intacct in Company -> Entities

    • For Username, enter the username of the Beanworks Web Services User

    • For Password, enter the password of the Beanworks Web Services User

You will need to reach out to Beanworks to have the API Sync Profile created for your Legal Entity(s). Please contact your Customer Success Manager or to do this. Continue following this guide once the API Sync Profile(s) is created.

Enable SmartSync

Once connected, click SmartSync on the left side. Select your company from the Legal Entity dropdown, and click Sync. This will sync all list items from Sage Intacct into Beanworks.

Once the initial sync is completed, use Partial Sync instead of Full Sync to sync over only newly added list items. Use the Sync Schedule feature to create a schedule of automatic syncs.

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