1. Go to the following website: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

2. Click on “Download WinSCP” 

3. After a few seconds you might get a dialog box and then you need to “save file”.

4. Find the file that has been downloaded (it will be in the same place all your download files from within your browser are defaulted to go) and double click it to run the application

5. Confirm you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer
6. Select the setup language (English) and press OK

7. Follow the rest of the installation instructions to complete the installation. 

8. Once you have installed WinSCP, then it is time to setup the configurations so that you can update your lists in Beanworks.
9. Open up Win SCP and click on “New Site”

Fill in the required information:
File Protocol - SFTP
Host Name - sftp.beanworks.ca (Beanworks) / sftp.sageapa.com (SageAPA)
Port Number – 22000

Username and Password provided by Beanworks  Support Team.

Press “Save”

10. Enter in any name (this is simply how the SFTP will be named when you access it later on) and then select the “Save Password” Checkbox before pressing “OK”

Optionally if you've only a couple of entities to work with, you can create a desktop shortcut for each entity for quick access.