BeanworksAP politely emails users once a day to alert them if they have work to do in the system, but sometimes that isn't enough. Now you have the ability to turn on different, personalized notifications for some or all of your users. The instant notifications you can turn on are:

  • a user has something to approve

  • an invoice a user owns is rejected by someone else

  • an invoice a user owns is reset by someone else

  • an invoice is assigned to a user

  • an approval has been completed

  • the owner of an invoice has been changed

Purchase Orders

  • a user has a PO to approve

  • a PO has been approved


  • a user has a payment to approve

  • a payment has been approved

  • a payment has been released

Once checked, the user will receive a notification whenever a new invoice/PO/payments needs action from them.

To turn on these instant notifications

  • Go to 'Settings'.

  • Go to 'User Management'.

  • Select the 'Edit' icon of the user to whom you would like to send instant notifications.

  • Select the 'Notifications' tab.

  • Check the notification items you would like to send the user.

  • Select 'Save'.