As part of our new Advanced Filters & Column Configuration features, you can now easily edit the column layout in any list view. This article explains the several new features and configuration options that are newly available. 

Add / Remove Columns

Select the Columns dropdown menu to edit the column layout easily. You can add additional that do not appear in the list view by default and remove any unwanted columns.

Click Set Columns to update your new list view column configuration. You can side-scroll along the screen to see all columns. 

Reorder / Reset Columns

Click on a column to drag and drop it into your preferred location. This will save automatically. 

Sorting Columns

Click the header once to sort data in ascending order, and click twice to reverse the sort order to descending order. Click the header three times to remove the sort order. 

Hold the Shift key on your keyboard when clicking on multiple column headers in the list view to stack your sorting criteria.

Pin / Unpin Columns

Click on the three dots on the right of the column you want to pin and choose if you want to pin it to either the left or right. The pinned column will remain static on the page. Select unpin to return the column to the group of unpinned columns. You can drag and drop columns from the pinned and unpinned sections as needed.