There are several improvements to the filtering process as part of the Advanced Filters & Column Configuration features. These enhancements improve the Org Unit, Amount, and Date range filters. 

Org Unit Filters

Org Unit filters are now in a dropdown menu, allowing easier visibility into your org structure. Additionally, you can search for Org Units by name, which was not possible before. 


Click once on the Org Unit to select it. Double click on the Org Unit to select it and all child Org Units sitting under it. You can also click the arrow icon to expand or collapse the view. 

Total Filters

The enhanced Total filters include several new criteria, which provide a more robust set of filtering options. When using the Total filter, you can filter transactions using either the Match, Greater Than, Less Than or Between filter.  

Date Filters

The enhanced Date filters apply to all date range filters (Received Date, Invoice Date, Due Date etc.). The new filters allow you to search by Match, After (date), Before (date), Between, Within Last (days), and Within Next (days).