The following guide is for the Quadient AP NextGen UI, which is gradually becoming available to our customers. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any queries regarding the NextGen UI. 

Occasionally, files to the invoice capture email fail to process for reasons such as unsupported format, password-protected files, etc.  This leads to potential issues such as aging of invoice processing, delayed payments, and delayed processing.  The file rejection notification allows users to subscribe to a daily email notification summarizing any invoice files that fail to reach the Document Inbox.

How to enable the file rejection notification

In Settings, navigate to My Profile and click on the Notifications tab. Click the check box beside 'Notify me when invoices forwarded through the invoice capture email fail', and click save. 

The daily notification will be sent to the email address associated with your user profile, with a brief summary of why each file failed. Below is a sample email notification. 

When will I receive the notification?

This notification is sent out once a day from Monday to Friday, and is sent separately from any other daily notifications. As with some other notifications, you will not receive this notification on days when no files failed to reach Quadient AP. Currently, the file rejection feature alerts you to password-protected pdf files and .zip files sent to autocapture emails. It will not alert you for files types not accepted by Quadient AP at this time. You can view our accepted file types here.