Expense Report Management

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  • Expense report management is not a separate offering or module but is part of expense reimbursement offering.

  • You need to either be an expense creator or an expense admin to be able to add receipts to expense reports and submit them for approval.

  • Apart from the receipt expenses, you can also claim per diem , mileage and expenses with no receipts (lost receipts).

  • We also support negative report amount and allows the report to be submitted for review by the accounting team.

  • On the expense report the owner can be different from the payee. This would allow an assistant to finalize and submit a report for approval on behalf of the payee.

  • Currently, the ability to generate a separate report (csv or pdf) is not supported in the expense module. However, when the expense report is available in the invoice module, the reports can be generated using the invoice reporting feature.


STEP 1: Expense report list view

You have the option to view an expense report(s) in different statuses.

Below is an example where you can see open and submitted reports.

STEP 2: Expense report details

You have the option to make changes to the expense report details before submitting it for approvals.

2.a. Change the name of the expense report

Click on the pencil icon and change the name of the report.

Below is an example of an updated report name.

2.b. Add a new receipts to an existing report

Click on the 'New Receipt' option

'New Receipt' window will open. Add the details for the receipt. Please note, you have the option to add a receipt without an image.

Here you can claim expenses like per diem, mileage and expenses with no receipts (lost receipts).

2.c. Add an already existing receipt to a report.

If you have an unreported receipt, that can be added to an existing report from within the report. This is only possible when the report itself has not yet been submitted for approval.

2.d. Delete an existing report

You have the option to delete an existing report. The system will throw a confirmation message when you choose to delete a report. Please note, the receipts within the report will be marked as unreported.

2.e. Submit a report

Please note that you can only submit an expense report if all the receipts associated with the expense report are in the complete status.

You will not get the option to submit the report for approval, if any of the receipts associated with the report is in incomplete status.

Please read here to learn more about how to set approval channels for expenses.

STEP 3: Expense report in the invoice module

Once the expense report is submitted for approval by the employee in the expense module, it is available in the invoice module for the members of the accounting team to code the GL's or make any changes to the expense report.

Please note, currently no owner is associated to an expense report type invoice in the invoice module. We recommend someone who has access to the invoice module be responsible for taking the ownership of the expense report type invoice, making changes if necessary and submitting for approval.

Please see below for the data mapping between the expense report in the expense module and as it appears in the invoice module.


The Expense Report Owner will auto map to Invoice Owner if the Expense Report Owner has invoice permission. If the Expense Report Owner has no invoice permission, the Invoice Owner will be blank and can be manually updated.


  •  InProgress : This means that the report has not been submitted yet and have incomplete receipts associated with them.

  • Reimbursed : This means that the expense report has been reimbursed.

  • Submitted : This means that the reports has been submitted for review and approval.

  • All : This is a list of all the reports irrespective of the status.

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