Employee Expenses Reimbursement

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Beanworks has introduced a new module for employee expense reimbursement. This offering allows the employees to capture their receipts via both web and mobile app; create expense reports and submit the reports for approval. Once approved, the expenses can be reimbursed via Beanworks’ payment. To learn more, please email help@beanworks.com or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


  • Complete the P2P experience in one consolidated system

  • To speed up the process of collecting and submitting of employee receipts

  • Provide visibility into employees expenses across all companies in real time

  • Help you eliminate the need for an excel processes for expenses

  • Improve controls on spending by employees

  • Unlimited users / employees.


  • The company / legal entity is enabled for expenses.

  • Category list is mapped to the GL list. Please note: for some companies category list may not be different from the GL list.

  • Expense approval channels are set.

  • Expense roles (Expense Creator and Expense Admin) have been assigned to the users.


Beanworks’ expense web app/ module will allow the user to manage their receipts and expense reports. The receipt management will allow the user to code, save and delete receipts. The user will have the ability to select a group of receipts and create expense reports. The expense report management will allow the user to edit and submit expense reports for approvals. The expense reports will be available for approval via Beanworks invoice module and available to be reimbursed via Beanworks payment module.


The mobile app allows the user to capture receipts, add them to expense reports and submit reports for approvals.


 1) Are categories uploaded per legal entity?

- Yes, because expense module is enabled per legal entity / company, category list is created per legal entity.

2) Can you limit the category each user see?

- Categories can be restricted based on the organizational unit the user is part of. Learn more.

3) Are categories required or can the g/l accounts just be utilized on the expense side?

- Currently categories are required. You can use the default category list.

4) In the expense report that turned into an invoice, how does each line item get GL coded? Assuming you have an expense report related to many categories. You might have an expense that's Meals & Entertainment for Sales and then you could have a Staples invoice where you purchased binders for the office.

- We can associate one category item to one GL list item. The GL will be visible in the invoice module.

5) If we have the Payment Module active, can we pay the expenses as we do invoices? 

- Yes, as long as the employee / vendor is enabled for a payment method.

6) Will all employees need their own account to submit expense reports?

- Yes, all employees will need to be user / vendor in Beanworks.

7) Will the system catch duplicate receipts?

- Currently no, the system does not identify duplicate receipts.

8) How can a user add support documents to a receipt?

- Additional documents can be added to an expense report when it is available in the invoice module.

9) Can we early adopt, decide if we like it and then cancel if we don't like it?

- Yes, the expense module is available for free trial till September and you can cancel anytime.

10) If we sign up for early access with a dedication to feedback, will there be a point in time where we can decide to continue with this module? As in, pay for it & continue, or decide to stick with solely the invoice module

- Yes, you can decide whether you want to continue with using the expense module or decide not to use it. We at Beanworks love to hear feedback and suggestions on how we can make the product better!

11) If the employee did not fill out all the required info, can we send the expense report back to the individual?

- Yes, the expense report can be send back to an employee for any missing details.

10) Just to confirm the Expense Module is completely independent from Invoice Module?

- Yes, Expense module is a separate module from invoice module. However, the expense report flows from the expense module into the invoice module for approvals.

11) If a Beanworks administrator submits the expense report for approval, will that report go to the proper approval if the administrator has approval access for all departments on the invoice side of Beanworks? In other words, Accounting submits the report, but the report will still go to the Marketing manager even if Accounting has approval access in Beanworks invoices for the marketing department.

- Yes, the expense report approval will be based on the approval channel created for expenses.

12) When the expense report is submitted, does it come to the accounting team first to code and look over and then submitted to the correct approver?

- Yes, a member of the accounting team can check for claims, enter or update gl codes and submit the report for approval.

13) Is the receipt amount auto-captured? Or does employee have to type it in?

- Currently, the receipt amount needs to be manually added.

14) If a receipt has multiple pages, we can take a picture of each page and combine the pages in one receipt?

- Currently, all receipts can be grouped together in one pdf and uploaded.

15) Is the new expense module compatible with corporate credit card auto feed?

- Not currently. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss your specific requirements.

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