Create and Enable a Stop Channel

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Stop channels are used in Beanworks to redirect invoices that do not follow the usual approval channel. A stop channel essentially means that when an invoice hits a stop channel, it will not find other approval channels that match its criteria below the stop channel.
An example of when a stop channel may be used is if there are two approval channels for HR:

1. If an invoice is below $1000, it goes to Brittney for approval.

2. If an invoice is above $1000, it goes to Tomas for approval.

There may be a special situation where you need an invoice to go to a different approval channel even if it hits the criteria stated above ($ amount and department). In this case, you would use a stop channel. For instance, if an invoice with a specific vendor needs to be rerouted to a different approver but is still in the HR department, a stop channel would be used.
3. Stop Channel: If an invoice for any amount that is coded to HR and the 4 Seasons vendor, it goes to Tracy for approval.

Before setting the "Stop Channel", if an invoice was submitted for approval and it matched 2 of the three channels, it would hit the two HR approval channels (approval channel depending on amount and approval channel with vendor) and need all the approvals in the two channels.

Now that the Stop Channel has been activated and the sequence has been changed to be above the other two HR approval channels, if that same invoice (that before would have hit two approval channels) is submitted for approval, it would hit the stop channel but it would never go below the stop channel and would skip any other approvals. In this case it will never hit the "HR Approval Below $1000" or "HR Approval Above $1000" even if it matches the Criteria in either channels.

** This feature should only be used in very specific circumstances, and we recommend that you contact the support team to review your criteria and ensure that a stop channel is right for your scenario. **
To create stop channels

1. To set priority of a channel, click the ‘Edit Sequence’ button.

2. Set the approval channel sequence by checking an approval channel then moving it over to the right side.

3. Check the approval channel that you would like to make a stop channel. Select 'Actions', then 'Enable Stop Channel'.

4. The stop channel will appear with a solid red dot indicating that the approval channel is now a stop channel. When an invoice is submitted for approval and it matches the criteria of that stop channel, it will no longer continue down the approval channel sequence to find other approval channels that it matches.

5. Click the 'Save' button once more to return to your approval channel list. You will then see your stop channel at the top of the approval channel list.

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