Payment Module statuses

Modified on Tue, 04 Jul 2023 at 10:35 AM

Quadient AP's Payment Module allows you to pay vendors using one of our integrated payment partners. You can find more information on the Payment Module here or by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

There are multiple statuses in the Payment module to identify the different stages of a payment. Payment workflow tabs have a set of payment statuses enabled by default. The default statuses are usually for payments that require an action to be taken.

In Progress tab

The In Progress tab of the Payments module shows all payments in a currently editable status. By default, payments In Progress (IP), Rejected (R), Reset (RE), and Error (E) statuses are visible in the In Progress tab. You can also view payments in Pending Approval (PA), Approved (A), Released (PA), Pending Release (PR), and Paid (PD) status. 

  • In Progress (IP) - Payments that are edited and saved at least once in Quadient AP. They have not yet been submitted for approval
  • Rejected (R) - Payments that were submitted for approval, and rejected by the approver. 
  • Reset (RE) - Payments that were submitted for approval at one point and then moved back to an editable status
  • Error (E) - Payments that were released, but did not reach the payment provider successfully

Approvals tab

In the Approvals tab are payments in Pending Approval (PA) status pending your approval. 

  • Pending Approval (PA) - Payments that have been submitted for and are awaiting approval

Releases tab

Fully approved payments are visible in the Releases tab. Payments that went into Error status are also visible here.

  • Approved (A) - Payments that are fully approved and ready to be released to a payment provider

Paid tab

Payments in the Paid tab have been released and processed by a payment partner. Payments in Released (RL), Pending Release (PR), Paid (PD) and Sync Error (SE) are visible in the Payment Release tab.

  • Released (RL) - Payments released from Quadient AP to a payment provider. The payment provider is processing these payments
  • Pending Release (PR) - Payments released from Quadient AP that are waiting to reach a payment provider 
  • Paid (PD) - Payments that were fully processed by a payment partner. These payments are ready to be exported to your ERP
  • Sync Error (SE) - Payments that were exported and synced to your ERP, but encountered an error and did not sync successfully

Archived tab

Payments that completed their workflow in Quadient AP are visible in the Archived tab. By default, payments in Exported (EX) and Completed (CD) status are visible in the Archived tab. Payments in Void (VD) status can also be viewed in this tab. 

  • Exported (EX) - Payments that are exported and synced to your ERP, or manually marked as exported
  • Completed (CD) - Payment records synced from your ERP to Quadient AP 
  • Void (VD) - Payments that were released to a vendor, but needed to be cancelled or voided. Voided payments can be viewed for reference in the Archived tab

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