Payment Coding Fields

Modified on Mon, 4 Dec, 2023 at 12:24 PM

Quadient AP's Payment Module allows you to pay vendors using one of our integrated payment partners. You can find more information on the Payment Module here or by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

Coding fields on payments in Quadient AP

Like invoices, payments in Quadient AP have coding fields that must be completed before submitting the payment for approval. Some coding fields are pulled in from the invoice, and some must be manually coded Below is a full list of the payment coding fields:

Coding fields populated from the invoice

  • Legal Entity: This is the Legal Entity coded to the invoice. This can not be changed in the Payment module. If you need to change the Legal Entity coded on the invoice, please reset the invoice  
  • Status: This is the current status of the payment. Find a full list of payment statuses here
  • Vendor: This is the vendor coded to the invoice. This can not be changed in the Payment module. If you need to change the vendor coded on the invoice, please reset the invoice 

Coding fields set by Quadient AP

  • Type: This is the type of payment. Quadient AP has three types of payments:
    • EPayment - This payment is created and processed in Quadient AP 
    • ERPPayment or ERP BeanPayment - This payment is created in your ERP and processed in Quadient AP using the Imported Payment Workflow. Learn more about these payments here
    • IMPPayment - This payment is created and processed in your ERP. A record of this payment syncs to Quadient AP as an imported payment
  • Owner: This is the user assigned to the payment
  • Reference Number: This is the Quadient AP reference number for the payment. This field can not be changed 
  • Created Date: This is the date the payment is created in Quadient AP. This field can not be changed

Coding fields for the payment

  • Auto Release: Select Auto Release to allow the payment to automatically release on the Payment Due Date. Payments must be fully approved at least one day prior to the Payment Due Date
  • Bank Code: This may also be called Bank Account or Bank GL depending on your ERP. This is the account you want the payment to be associated with your ERP. Bank Code/Account/GL is synced to Quadient AP from your ERP. Any updates to these items must be done in your ERP and synced back to Quadient AP
  • Bank Name: This is the fund source for the payment. Multiple funds sources can be added to Quadient AP, and each fund source is connected to a specific Payment MethodFund sources are added to Quadient AP by our Payment Administration team. If you need to update or change a fund source, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager 
  • Payment Method: This is the payment provider that processes your payment. When coding payments, ensure to select the correct Bank Name to prevent any release errors.
  • Payment Due Date: This date is used for the Auto Release feature. This can also be used for reporting purposes. The payment due date does not impact when a payment can be manually released. 

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