How to set Approval Delegation - Module Approvers and Module Administrators

Modified on Fri, 6 Oct, 2023 at 12:33 PM

Quadient AP's Approval Channel Delegation allows the transfer of approval authority to another user. This can be either temporary to cover a vacation or leave, or permanent. Invoice and Purchase Order Approvers, Super Approvers, and Administrators can set temporary delegates for themselves in their respective modules. 

Important to note:

  • If you use the Quadient Hub, please follow our guide here to set approval delegates. 

  • The delegate must have the same permissions and Org Unit access as the current approver.
  • Chain delegation (Approver A delegating to B and B delegating to C) is not supported. 

  • Different delegates can be assigned to the Invoice and Purchase Order modules

How to set temporary approval delegations

Click on the Settings cog in the top-right corner, followed by My Profile.

In the Profile tab, click Configure Vacation Coverage to open the coverage window. 

The steps to enable or disable a temporary delegation are below:
  • Active - this is toggled on by default. Click on the Active toggle to turn it off and deactivate the delegation.
  • Start Date - this is the day the delegation begins. The start date can be today's date or another date in the future. 
  • End Date - this is the day the delegation ends. This can be the same date as the start date for a single day's delegation, or another date in the future.
    • If you have set a delegation for this user before, you might have trouble adding the new delegation start date. Change the delegation End Date first, and then select the new Start Date. 
  • Delegates - under Delegates, there are three dropdown menus:
    • Module - Select the Invoice or Purchase Order module
    • Role - This is set to Approver, and can not be modified.
    • Delegate - Select the user who will be the approver's delegate during this time. The delegate must have the same permissions and Org Unit access as the current approver.
  • Add Delegates - This allows you to add an additional delegate for either the Invoice or Purchase Order module if needed. 

Once the delegation is set, click Save to return to the User Management window. System Administrators will receive a notification email to let them know about the delegation. An example of this email is below:

Approving invoices or purchase orders as a delegate

The approval process for delegates is the same as the standard approval process. The delegate will see the invoices or purchase orders pending their approval in the Approvals tab. The delegation will be shown on the Approval History with the message Delegate approved on behalf of Approver. 

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