To create a new Address go to Settings -> Legal Entities and select the Legal Entity which you would like to create the Address for:

Then select the Addresses tab:

Here you'll find a list of all existing addresses for the Legal Entity selected:

Select the "Add New" button and fill out the address form:

There are currently 4 address types to choose from when creating an Address; Billing, Shipping/Receiving, General, and Remittance.


  • We've replaced what was called the AP Department address with what's now called the Remittance Address. If you use our payments module you're required to have a Remittance address. This address is displayed in any Remittance information sent to your vendors when releasing payments. You'll notice there is no "Company Name" field that used to exist on the AP Department form, going forward we'll use the Legal Entity's DBA Name as the Company Name so that's mean in the Remittance emails the Legal Entity DBA Name + Remittance Address will display in the Remittance emails.

  • Remittance Address is used by our SmartCapture technology to assign Invoices to the correct legal entity.

  • Shipping and Billing addresses can display on the P/O image generated when creating Purchase Orders.

  • Legal entities can only have a single General and Remittance address.

  • Legal entities can have multiple Shipping and Billing addresses.

  • The Description field will be used in the list display when coding a Shipping and Billing address on a Purchase Order:

Once you've completed the form simply select Save and the address will be saved.