The main difference between a requisition and a purchase order is that a requisition is a non-committing document and only when it is approved should the requisition convert into a purchase order and become a binding/committed document. The purchase order and specifically the PO# is what allows a user in an organization to purchase goods from their suppliers.


We now support the ability to hide the purchase order number until the purchase order is approved. Please note, this feature is not available by default. Reach out to your customer success manager to enable this feature for your legal entity.


  • To avoid sending an unapproved purchase order to the vendor.


STEP 1: Create the purchase requisition and enter details

Enter the purchase requisition details and click save.

STEP 2: Save the purchase requisition details (optional)

Once the purchase requisition details are saved, you will notice that the purchase order number is created and hidden.

STEP 3: Submit the purchase requisition for approval

STEP 4: Approve the purchase order

Once the purchase order is approved, you will notice that the purchase order number is visible.