Beanworks purchase order module can be used for creating purchase orders, submitting them for approvals and send the approved purchase orders to the vendor. Purchase order module is available for all customers. The purchase order module is not a separate module and is available to be used along with the invoice module.

The customer can use the in-build purchase order workflow or the imported purchase order workflow. Please note the imported purchase order workflow is only available for Sage 100 and Sage 300 accounting system.

  • To learn more about Sage 100 imported purchase order workflow, read here.

  • To learn more about Sage 300 imported purchase order workflow, read here.


  • You have the invoice module enabled.

  • For Sage 100 and 300 customers, you have the imported purchase order workflow enabled.



STEP 1: Create a purchase requisition

Purchase requisition can be created on the 'Create' tab. You will notice that by default there are only a limited number of columns in the line item table.

The columns that appear on the line item table depends on your accounting system and the lists associated with the purchase order module.

Similarly you will notice that by default there are no details on the purchase requisition / order image. You have the ability to customize the information that appears on the purchase order image. To learn how to customize the purchase order template, read here.

STEP 2: Submit a requisition for approval

Once you have updated the purchase requisition, you can submit it for approval.

The purchase requisition will hit the approval queue of the approver created at the time of setup. To learn more about how to create approval channels, please read here.

In case you are not ready to submit the requisition for approval, you can save it and continue working on it. To learn more about when the purchase requisition changes to a purchase order, please read here.

STEP 3: Approve (or reject) the purchase order

As an approver you have the option to approve or reject payments either by going to to each purchase order individually or by batch approving or rejecting purchase order(s).

Below is an example of purchase order details.

You can batch approve or reject purchase orders.

Please note adding a comment is mandatory when rejecting a purchase order either in a batch or individually.

STEP 3: Match a committed purchase order to invoice(s)

NOTE: The purchase order match to an invoice needs to be done in the invoice module and can not be done in the purchase order module. Only a committed (approved) purchase order can be matched to the invoice.

An invoice can be matched to either a single or multiple purchase orders and the purchase order line item coding can be adopted. Please note the PO coding adoption is different for the imported purchase order workflow for Sage 100 and Sage 300.

If the purchase order exists in the system then it can selected at the invoice header level.

If there is no purchase order in the system that can potentially match the invoice then a message will appear stating 'No matches found'

STEP 4: Close the purchase order

A purchase order can be closed when its fully matched to a single or multiple invoices. A purchase order can be closed without a match to the invoice. Please note you will have to individually close the purchase order and can not batch close the purchase orders.

The purchase order can be closed under the 'Actions' in the purchase order details view.


1) Is selecting a vendor mandatory when creating a purchase order.

- No, selecting a vendor is not mandatory. For additional details please read here.

2) Is it possible to create one PO for multiple vendors and multiple ship tos?

- Currently, we do not support this.