Please review the Rent Manager pre-connection checklist and minimum integration user requirements prior to this connection guide. 

Connecting Rent Manager and Beanworks

Connecting Beanworks and Rent Manager will be done with the assistance of your Beanworks Solutions Consultant. The steps taken to connect the two systems are below.

In Rent Manager 

Navigate to the Admin panel and click on the Available Integrations icon under the Integrations Area. 

Type "Beanworks" into the search field. Once the app is visible, click on the "Request Activation" button. 

In Beanworks

Your Solutions Consultant will activate your Rent Manager and Beanworks connection. With the connection active, they will provide you with the steps to run syncs between the two systems. 

Please note that if you have multiple companies with separate logins, these steps must be taken for each company to connect with Beanworks. If you need to connect a new Rent Manager company to Beanworks, please reach out to help@beanworks.com